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Tips to follow before using a washing machine after some time

At times a lot of changes happen in our lives due to which we have to relocate and shift ourselves. As a result, our appliances are closed and are used only after the regular work is completed. If you are also going through such a phase then you would have to take care of a few tips before you start using your washing machine. Let us have a look at them.

  • Check the water entering-Keeping a washing machine unused for some time can cause some faults to arise. The first thing, however, is taking care of the water that enters the appliance. Before allowing water to enter first run a spin cycle in the machine to see if it works fine or not. Is the sound of the pump appearing normal to you? There are generally two sounds, one is the motor and drum working together and one is just the drum movement. If you notice that there is no sound of the motor operating then you should stop using the machine at that time itself.
  • Leakages-Examine the door seals and the hose inside to see if they are appearing normal to you. You have to see if the water stops filling after it has reached its level. This is known as overfilling. Also, check if the water is leaking or coming out from the drum. If everything looks good then stop the wash cycle and start the spin again. You will have to check if the pump is properly pumping away the water in the tub.
  • Continuing the cycle– Even if the water is able to pump out successfully you can continue the wash cycle for a longer duration of time. It is quite possible that the leakages and breakdown are not visible in the initial start of the cycle but may crop up later on. In case there is something bothering your appliance it would start reflecting in a few minutes or so. After 10-15 minutes of use if you see things are functioning fine then it means you can heave a sigh of relief. However, keep checking the machine regularly so that any fault does not escape your attention. If after a long time use you see some abnormality in working you might have to contact a service repair center for fixing that leakage.

If you are also facing the same situation and require a Whirlpool washing machine service center in Hyderabad then you can contact us. We would not only rectify your leakages and minor faults but also provide guidance on how to take care of your appliance. Our dedicated team of trained technicians will go through the existing problem at hand and provide a well-suited solution at hand. You can call us at any time and we would be happy to help you in solving minor hurdles like this. Our motto is providing high-quality customer service and you would get an idea of the same once you come in contact with us.