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How to increase the life of your microwave oven

Even though microwaves are an invention that is bound to make our lives convenient many people still use them only for reheating existing food items. Made for cooking as well if we use the product carefully it would make for an extremely efficient kitchen help. Here are some simple ways in which you can increase the life of your microwave oven.

  • No metal utensil– Though technology has advanced and it is not going to blow your microwave off still using metal utensils can harm the device. Modern day appliances may just show you a spark or two or maybe just shut down. But the fact remains that even if a minor accident like this can cause damage not only to the machine but to you as well.
  • Keeping food carefully– When you microwave food the heating happens first at the edges of the utensil you have kept. Place your moist veggies in the centre and the dried food items at the corners of the plate. This would ensure that moisture that is dispelled from the veggies gets quickly absorbed by these dried up items. In case you are putting a casserole in the appliance make sure that you keep a depression in the centre. This would take care that the heating process is even and the entire food item gets heated up instead of just the food kept at the edges.
  • Analyse timings of food items– While most recipes come with the duration for which the microwave needs to be run it may not be wise to follow them religiously. Every microwave has a different form of operation and it would be only after a few quick runs that you realise the exact method by which it operates. After a few failed attempts you would be able to analyse the same and then it would be easy for you to cook things in it.
  • Turn over the food– Whenever deforesting or cooking large quantities you might have to keep turning around the dish regularly. Normally microwaves have the facility where they inform you that it is time to stir the dish but if yours does not have it then you might have to take care of it personally. Doing this is necessary to ensure that the entire dish gets cooked and not only certain portions of it.

Even if after taking such good care of your microwave it is bound to break down at some time or other. If you are also facing such a breakdown and are looking for a Whirlpool microwave oven service centre in Hyderabad then you can contact us. With a vast experience of handling such difficult situation, our trained technicians can solve all your woes in the quickest time possible. Apart from handling your break down issues, we will also tell you ways in which you can take care of your appliance. We understand the stress that arises when you face such a problem and are sure to take care that we reduce it as much as possible.