Samsung Microwave Oven Service Center in Hyderabad

Technology has forayed into almost all the facets of our everyday existence. One product which has slowly grown from being just a heating device to being used for primary cooking is the microwave. A key runner in this category is Samsung whose microwaves are a combination of precision and technology. But what happens if your Samsung microwaves face any kind of operating issues. Here is a description of the most common issues and how you can get your microwave repair done in Hyderabad. Yes Yes Services is one of Samsung microwave oven service center in Hyderabad who has company trained technicians and provides same day solution at customer door step.

Common problems of Microwave Ovens:

  • Not heating¬†properly¬≠- At times your Samsung Microwave oven may not be heating the food at all. The reason for that to happen is the failure of Magnetron. If you use your microwave oven when it is empty then chances are that the Magnetron may burn out. On such an occasion the microwave would stop its heating process. Get the same replaced and contact a service center for the same.
  • Faulty operations– Is your Samsung microwave running for a few seconds and then stopping midway? It could happen due to multiple reasons. A faulty door, defective touch pad or problems in the fan motor could be the cause. Contact a service center soon to know what ails your microwave oven.
  • Plate not spinning– You must have noticed the plate which rotates when your Samsung microwave is working. But at times the plate may stop rotating completely. Initially, you may check if it is because you have placed it in the wrong position. If still, things do not work then probably the motor is at fault and needs to be replaced soon.
  • Light bulb not working– If the light bulb inside your Samsung microwave is not burning it is probably because it has fused. A faulty bad socket and some bad wiring could be also responsible for this problem. Sometimes the control board also fails to send the correct voltage to the bulb socket leading to the bulb not lighting up.
  • Sparking– In normal conditions sparking is not as much a cause of worry. You can close the unit to inspect what is the reason of the sparking. A faulty diode, damage in the rack support and worn out paint could be some reasons why your microwave is showing signs of sparking. Call a service center technician to get the problem resolved at the earliest.

Getting your Samsung microwave repaired may seem like a big hassle to you. However, if you are looking for a Samsung microwave oven service center in Hyderabad then you should contact us. Our over the years, experience has made us adept at handling any kind of microwave oven service in Hyderabad.

Not only do we complete your entire repair process with ease we also ensure that you do not have to face any such problem in near future. Samsung microwave repair in Hyderabad may seem a costly proposition to you but not with us. Our services are reasonably priced and not made to make you feel the cost of the service. Contact us today and get rid of all the problems that your Samsung microwave oven is facing.