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Troubleshooting tips for washing machines

Washing machines are being considered as one of the most important inventions of this century. It is probably because of this convenience factor that many people still cannot do without this simple appliance. However, at times this best friend of yours might face some problems and here we are telling you some simple troubleshooting tips for the same.

  • Check the power– Before assuming that the machine is in serious trouble first check whether the device is receiving power or not. It could be a loose plug or damaged cord which is why your machine does not seem to be responding. If all these are fine then maybe it is a broken fuse or circuit problems. A thorough check would assure you if or not there is anything majorly wrong here.
  • Water supply– At times the knobs supplying water become twisted or kinked. In that case, just inspect them and see if your machine is receiving the water properly. If the faucet has a water saver button you might also need to check if it is pressed.
  • Switches– It is also possible that some of the switches in the washing machine are not working as they should. The lid switch may be clogged with detergent which you can clean with the help using a chopstick or a wooden manicure stick. Even then if your machine does not work you might check if any screws of the same are loose because if that is the case your machine may not work.
  • Temperature selector switch– This switch not only regulates the temperature of the water but also regulates the flow of water. Up till now, these things could be controlled at your end but a faulty temperature selector switch needs to be repaired by a reputed repair person. Look online with your requirement like “LG washing machine service centre in Hyderabad” and find out the best-suited service provider for yourself.
  • Valves– In case your washer is creating a lot of noise while operating it is possible that any of the valves may be faulty. Finding the valves on your machine is easy and you can easily replace them. However before doing that just check if they are connected properly to the faucets. See if the screens of valves are clean as being clogged also reduces chances of them working properly. If your tub is still overflowing unplug the washer. If water is still entering it means the valve is faulty and you need to consult a repair person to rectify it.

These are some simple problems in a washing machine that you can rectify at home. If you are looking for a trustworthy “LG washing machine service centre in Hyderabad”you can contact us for help. We will eliminate all the issues that are affecting your favourite device. Not only that we remove the problem from the roots so chances are you might not have to face the problem again at your end. Just give us a call and see how we make your life a lot more convenient for you.