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Tips to maintain your refrigerator

In today’s time break down of any electrical appliance is a major cause of worry. However, if we are careful we can take care of our appliance such that they do not face early maintenance issues. Below we are mentioning some simple tips that can help you to take care of these small matters on your own. If the situation is serious then you might have to contact a reputed Lg refrigerator service center in Hyderabad.

  • Keep checking door seals– On a regular basis keep checking the door seals of your refrigerator. A loose seal would allow the air to seep out and this would make your refrigerator to work harder than what it would otherwise. If you find any food stuck in between the seals clean them thrice a year using a toothbrush and solution of baking soda and water. In case you find that the seals are getting loose anyhow then contacting a service centre is advised.
  • Cleaning the coils– If the condenser coils are dirty and covered with dust then your refrigerator may start showing signs of not working. Twice a year you should pull out your appliance from where it is placed and just check the grills. If you can see some dust accumulations close the refrigerator and use the brush attachment of the appliance to clean the coils.
  • Always keep the refrigerator filled– Every fridge needs thermal mass so that they can maintain the low temperatures. You should keep cool foods and drinks as they absorb the warm air which comes inside when the door is open. In case you are amongst those people who eat out often then you can store jugs of water inside the fridge. Doing that would help your appliance in maintaining the low temperature inside.
  • Power cut off preparation– When the power goes off the refrigerator is able to maintain the temperature for a maximum of 24 hours. So in such an emergency try consuming stuff from your pantry. Avoid opening your refrigerator as much as you can. This would help it in maintaining its efficient nature and reduce the chances of any repair work needed.
  • Maintaining the temperature– When you would have bought your appliance any ideal temperature range would have been told to you. If you keep maintaining uniformity in the same chances are you fridge would stay working for a long time. Any discrepancy in the same would put unnecessary pressure on your appliance which is not right.

If you are taking care of your refrigerator properly you should not bother about getting it repaired. However, if you see some signs of wearing then you should immediately contact a reputed service firm. In case you are looking for a trustworthy Lg refrigerator service centre in Hyderabad then you should contact us. We will not only solve all your woes and make your device as good as new but also tell you ways to ensure that it does not need frequent repairing soon. Contact us so that we can make your life a little easier for you.