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Keeping your microwave clean

Microwaves these days are becoming an important part of our lives. The extremely busy schedules that we follow rarely give us enough time to cook interesting food items daily. Using a microwave we can make our dishes quickly and even reuse the ones that have been made recently. However, if you do not take adequate care of your microwave chances are there would be a breakdown soon. Here are some cleaning tips which can help to increase the life of your microwave oven.

  • Keep food covered – First of all are the basic tips which if used can ensure that your microwave does not get very dirty. Whenever heating a food item make sure that the lid of the utensil is covered. This would take care that the food item does not spill in your oven. Even though you can use napkins and paper towels for this purpose but it would be better if you buy specially designed covers for this purpose. Also, make sure that you never heat any particular dish more than what is required as sometimes excessive heating also causes food to get spilled.
  • Mix dishes well– Just before placing any dishes inside the microwave make sure that you use a spatula to mix them completely. This enhances the heating process and better heating is ensured and that too in less time. If you have children at home take care that they do not operate your microwave at any cost. Also, inform all the other adults about these basic rules that are to be followed when taking care of a microwave.
  • Cleaning process– Use a wet sponge to remove all the debris and crumbs that are still present in your microwave. A blunt object would help you in removing items which are sticking tight and would not come out so easily. Keep removing all the physical dirt that you can see. It may take a lot of time but would eventually extend the life of your appliance. After this process, you can spray an all-purpose cleaner and use a soft cloth to remove all the other impurities that are present inside.
  • Rigorous cleaning– Microwaves will still stay dirty however hard you may try. Hence you can spray the all-purpose cleaner and start the microwave for around 30-60 seconds. This would loosen up the dirt and you can then remove it with the help of a wet sponge. However,if your microwave still gets spoiled you might have to contact an “Lg microwave oven service center in Hyderabad” to know how it can be repaired soon.

Your microwave breaking down is a big cause of worry. If you also want to find a “Lg microwave oven service center in Hyderabad” you can contact us for help. We would not only repair your microwave but also make sure that its instances of breaking down are reduced considerably. We have a dedicated team of professional technicians that take care of your appliance well and also provide you guidelines on how to take care of it. Contact us today as only we know how important your microwave is to you.