About US

About us

We use electronic appliances to make our everyday tasks easier. But with regular and sometimes due to overuse our appliances start showing signs of defect. At that time we need a service centre that not only can repair our device but also reduce the chances of it getting faulty again.

With this helpful thought in mind, we launched our company yes yes services 10 years back. The path to success was tough but our ability to provide our customers best service at reasonable rates has made it possible for us to achieve the impossible. We have been providing awide range of repair services for all the home appliance products like AC, Microwave oven, Washing machine and refrigerator since a very long time.

Our satisfied list of clientele proves that our hard work has not gone in vain. Our technicians are all well versed with the best techniques of repairing a device and can identify and remove any defect within no time. Not only that our service is so prompt that you do not have to keep giving us a call again and again. Once we get your service request we try to resolve it in the shortest time possible.

Gone are the days of looking for the right person to get your simple repair jobs done. If you have a requirement for any kind of appliance repair contact us soon at yes yes services and leave the rest of the headache on us. We would find the defect and rectify it to make your appliance up and running.

We do not charge an exorbitant price for providing this level of service to you. Providing professional solutions to all your repair problems we are available in case any follow up is required. Having a past 10 years’ experience in this field has made us realise the importance of customer satisfaction. Give us a call to assign a job to us and heave a sigh of relief as we are here to make your life stress free.


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